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story sky scraper in san francisco today. who he is and what he did it. >> and the pentagon is warning a church that it is risking national security with an event that the church is planning this coming weekend. 7 news my mercury moment happend right after our wedding, when i realized that along with all the gifts that i'd be getting mercury had better coverage, better service and and we saved hundreds of dollars by combining our home and auto insurance policies. and he got miss pookie. see, everyone wins. insure your auto and home (together) and save up to 15%. get a quote and see for yourself at ♪ ♪
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here are a couple things america got right. cars and freedom. >> okay. no one will even see m.and i this the that i actual actually, i was hoping that maybe i could even do it without anyone knowing. >> he's called sky scraper man. and when this daredevil scale as knowledge with nothing but suction cup and guts, people tend to notice. >> police arrested him after he scaled the tower late today. he says this won't be his last climb. don joins us live from south of market in san francisco. >> right her at the millenium tower. he climbed the world trade center and sears tower but he says that he had to do
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this and actually a number of years ago u.s. special forces told him that the world trade center would be attacked he didn't know when but ever since 9/11 he's been carrying around the guilt. >> lacking at the building i mean there's this wall of fear that facing it is so intimidating. >>reporter: i the sky scraper man after his arrest. blisters on the hands and citation for trespassing and public nuisance. but this climb up the 60 story tower was for a reason he says. he believes sky scrapers are vulnerable to another terrorist attack. and that firemen can't battle blazes at this high at talked and more. >> in doing so i felt like i was doing it for all the cancer survivors out there. >>reporter: he's a survivor of stage 4 cancer. almost killed him 10 years ago. that's when he began planning this climb. he ascended slowly with huge suction cup. millenium security tried to get him to come down but he said no. police and fire then arrived to machinetor the moves. >> we wanted to know if it was
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safe. wanted to know if you had set of plans to harness them off. he did he klained all efforts. >>reporter: firemen offered him water at some levels. resident not home but 2 neighbors watching tv when good winn appeared. >> flaw by the front of the window then he pulled out the cell phone and get it on film. >> to some it might appear reckless but to him it was a personal path to overcome any fears. >> believe me being up there you have to be so focused on your every single move. no room for any error. just totally clear. >>reporter: now that he has done this there is a new agenda. he want to two on a worldwide tour to climb legally for a cause. >> the cause would be to raise money for cure to cancer. >>reporter: he says he has people who are inked in. that his next climb will be october 20th. that's when he goes up the stairs of the hall of justice to answer the 2 charges. in san francisco,
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francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you don sky he's one of just a small group of urban climbers who scale sky scrapers. another is 48-year-old elena french climber who goes by the name "spider-man". the climb of 4 92 foot tall apartment building in australia got him arrested last monday. and then back in 1977 new yorker george climbed the south tower of the world trade center. the city fined him 1.10. a penny for each of the sky scraper 110 stories. one man is in custody tonight. another still on the run after a police chase. crash. and foot pursuit. all happened this evening in hayward when chp tried to pull over the driver of this suv for talk on his cell phone. instead of stopping the driver took off. up 8 street. cross the boulevard then crashed that 2 cars and eventually flipped over. >> dangerous apprehending people that are blowing through red lights. but once again we don't know why the people are running. the any number of things you can
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imagine in the trunk or car. >> hit the corner and took out a lot of signs and flipped over. then all of a sudden i see 2 guys fall out of 30. the driver and passenger both ran away and all out search began. police and canine unit scoured homes and back yard for several blocks in each direction. after about 20 minutes the dogs found the car driver hiding in a shed. search for the passenger has been called off. police found a gun inside the driver's smashed car. woman and her child were in one of the cars that was hit by the reckless driver and taken to the hospital. both expected to be okay. man killed outside the hotel newark had been charged with murder two years ago. body of 26-year-old contra costa county resident hues found this morning in parking lot ajaysen to the hotel. investigators say hues was among several hundred people who couldn't get inside the home. police arrive to break the overflow party
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reported hearing several shots fired but did not find any victim at the time. hughes was accused of gunning down a man during a robbery outside a san francisco cannabis club in 2008 but grand jury did not indict him. investigators will resume the search for body that may have been dumped at pittsburgh land fill tomorrow morning. team of 20 searchers spent a fourth day digging through the trash for missing hercules man. they expect it will take at least 2 more days to sift through the 1 acre area where the trash from hercules ended up. frederick solace not seen since august 27. his car was discovered abandoned at hercules business park. police suspect he could be, could be one of the victims in a string of east bay murders that left 4 people including solace's father dead. salvage operation to take a part an old tug boat lloyd to ill spoil in pet lawm today. you can see a sheen of oil on the petaluma river where estimated several
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hundred gallons spilled. allen is there for us tonight with more on this. allen? >>reporter: well, kayaker out here at the marina were complaining about having to done the huge tar ball out there earlier today. but now most of that slick has broken up. where it all went nobody is quite sure. glob of oil floated out toward the bay at low tide around six this evening. the remnant of a large oil slick that stretched from shore to shore and moved through this slew around 8:00 o'clock this morning. >> a lot of boat traffic. there were some roars to avoid the area on the embankment where the oil seemed to be. >>reporter: department of fish and game says this old tugboat was being chopped up for scrap metal and leaked between 200 and 600 gallon of oil. owner of the tug knew it was leaking because he already had an oil boom around it. but the department of fish and
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game says this morning flood tide swept the oil out into the estuary creating a slick and a half miles long. resident say these are extremely sensitive wetlands. >> last we can i saw a couple river otters. usually it is a few shore birds. some the grooeb. >> there was a lot of disgusting smell. it was just gross. >> 4 boom were placed in front of creek to keep oil from creeping into the downtown area where boaters float through and stop off to shop or dine. >> supposed to be a big day and at 11:30 we had the coast guard and fire department came in and had all the boats evacuated. >> department of fish and game biologist did not find any dead wild life or major deposit of oil. but variabilityist say the tide will likely continue to slosh it around in this estuary. >> it comes in and out like a
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washing machine twice a day and will stick around until the sun and air finally break it down. >> tonight a huge vacuum truck is busy cleaning up the area around that tugboat. mane while the department of fish and game says it want to know exactly how long the salvage open reagan was going on and leaking oil before the public finally found out. reporting live in petaluma, this is 7 news. okay thanks. former chief executive of hewlett-packard mark hurd has a new job tonight. larry ellofson has named him as other kill co-president and director of the company. he signed resigned after an investigation into his personal relationship with a contractor turned up some questionable expenses at h p. he replaces charles phillips former marine and investment pwaevrng. phillips was in the news earlier when the ex mistress put pictures of them
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together on billboard around country to embarrass him. >> wildfire tlaengt 1,000 homes in colorado tonight. >> latest on that. also ahead the church event military calls a threat to national security. and the change that would make it a little more expensive to grab a drink in san francisco. all that coming up. then later on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia. coming up next on "nightline". sex assault on campus. wide spread problem that too often goes unreported. we go inside a tragic case at a new york school. >>en
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>> closed captioning brought to >> we are monitoring wildfire threatening to swallow up neighborhood west of boulder, boulder, colorado. so far it has burned more than 5 square miles. a number of structures have been destroyed. firefighters don't know the exact number and as many as 1,000 homes have been evacuated. one couple lost their home and barely escaped the flames with their lives. >> took out the house on top of the ridge. took outhouse next to us and then ours was
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third to go. >> flames already coming up and over the bush. >> the wind has been kicking up all day pushing the fire faster than firefighters can fight it. at one point firefighters were pulled because of the danger just too difficult and tricky to fight. wind is also keeping air tanker grounded during the day lit hours. >> move by mcdonald's restaurant in san francisco haight neighborhood in san francisco has angered homeless advocate. franchise there dropped the dollar menu about a month ago. so it used to cost 1 dollar now cost 40 to 50 cents more. this particular mcdonald's is right across the street are from golden gate park and steady flow of homeless customers. the price increase was aimed at keeping the homeless out. >> nobody know what is poverty is until they have experienced it. >> i think they are trying to jack the price and make money off the tourist. >>reporter: fran chase owner says the homeless have nothing to do with it. he says the price hike is a business decision based on a number of contributing factors.
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drink may soon be more expensive in san francisco. board of supervisors is expected to vote tomorrow on imposing new fee on liquor and wine wholesalers and distributors. would it generate about 16 million dollars a year. money would help the city pay for problems caused by alcohol abuse including unpaid balance bill and emergency room visits. >> florida pastor says he still plans to sponsor a mass burning of koran this weekend despite plea not to do it from the u.s. military. pastor jones ladies a 50 member congregation at world outreach center in gainsville, florida. he plans to mark the 9th anniversary of the september 11 terror attack saturday by inviting people to burn copies of the koran. on the lawn of his church. >> we are revealing again the violence of islam that is much much deeper than we would like to admit. >>reporter: commander of u.s. troops in afghanistan general david petraeus says pastor jones plans put u.s. troops at
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risk. former vice chief of staff of the army agrees. >> it is outrageous. it is insulting to muslim bulls insulting to our soldiers in terms of what they stand for and what the commitment is to this country and to the muslim ins this country. >>reporter: word of jones plans has spread through afghanistan. here's what you are watching today. crowd of 500 people gathered in kabul chanting long live the corafternoon. also burned an pastor jones draped with american flag. some chanted death to america and threw rocks at u.s. military convoy. >> 50 billion dollar spending plan on transportation projects at peach in milwaukee that put americans back to work for the best possible reasons says the president. >> i want america to have the best infrastructure in the world. we used to have the best infrastructure in the world. we can have it again. we are going to make it happen. >>reporter: his plan includes
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rebuilding roads, laying and repairing railroad track and rae storing 150 millions of airport runway. the president says he will create an infrastructure bank to pay for the work without adding to the deficit. republicans responded by saying more government spending is not the fix the economy needs. >> if you are lacking for work the job journal are co-sponsoring another job fair later this month. takes place tuesday september 28 at the hotel whitcomb in san francisco. more information on our web site 7 look under see it on tv. well you are wrapping up labor day wednesday. hope had you a nice weekend. beautiful outside but things are changing a bit. >> let's check in with lee. >> they certainly are changing. really going to start to feel it especially tomorrow and through wednesday. current readings right now boy wasn't ate terrific day. temperatures warmed up additional 10 degrees in many locations and still holding the heat. right now 81 in antioch. 73 in concord. we have cooled down
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considerably san francisco right now 54 in half man bay. we have manly clear skies tonight but that fog is going to be moving in by tomorrow afternoon and much cooler temperatures for us on wednesday. coastal clouds drizzle by then and then the mild weather pattern will be with us throughout the end of our work week. here's a look at the low tonight with so much heat still with us. really not going to cool off that much inland so we go with temperatures especially out towards the delta and east bay near 60 degrees. cool things off a little bit near san francisco 54 and go 50 for half man bay and clearly see the fog that will redevelop by early tomorrow morning and start to make inroad close to the coast as we head into tuesday afternoon. all because another trough of low pressure bringing in a pocket of cool air. low was going to continue to drop south and by tuesday night, wednesday you see where it sets up just near the coast. it will thicken up the clouds bringing in a stronger on shore wednesday
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flow. get ready for temperatures to drop 20 degrees by wednesday afternoon and folks say you can see the green on the screen there mist and drizzle expected across coastal communities by wednesday as well. so here's a look at the high for tomorrow. we take the 90's out. replace with a lot of 70's. go 78 for los gatos. 75 for san jose. coast, fog bank start tiny crease by tomorrow afternoon. half moon bay 59. we go with mid to low 70's. peninsula there with redwood city 72. san francisco tomorrow only 62 degrees. 78 in the north bay for santa rosa. 75 for napa. much cooler for oakland with 67 degrees. 43 mont tomorrow afternoon sunshine 72. brentwood cool down to 84 after being in the mid 90's today. 80 for concord. 77 for dublin. 80 for livermore and much cooler as that fog is really going to race in. santa cruz tomorrow 68 inland location gilroy 76 degrees.
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accu-weather 7 day forecast much cooler tomorrow but check out wednesday. inland temperature only in the mid to low 70's. we were in the mid to upper 80's today. 60's around the bay. mid 50's at the coast by wednesday that mist and drizzle will be with us then we kind of even out a little bit warm-up few more degrees as we head into the latter part of the work week. boy we are all doing this today. all doing this. >> yes. it's a big change coming. >> huge. >> thank you. >> well coming up. putting the laiving ramp rate in the middle of the action. >> first of its kind 3d >> first of its kind 3d broadcast. that's just
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óa about. >> members of richmond city council will decide the fate of kennedy high school tomorrow night. closing kennedy and 2 elementary schools in richmond could save one and a half million dollars. the unified school district has funding problems of the severe state budget crisis of course. closure would affect about 900 students and thousands of others from nearby schools.
11:24 pm
>> if the city of richmond does not approve 1.5 million dollars tomorrow night then the board will take immediate action to close the school and send kids off to other skals like richmond high or el cerrito high. >> richmond reached 114 million dollar settlement with chevron over how much the company should pay in utility taxes. at least one council member thinks some of that money should be used to keep kennedy open. >> 36 annual bic race rolled through san francisco today. course ran by levi strauss and passed right by us her at abc 7 is. draws hundreds of spectators and include both professional and amateur cyclist. agreeing la mont won the race twice in the late 1970's before going on to win the tour de france three times. >> they came screaming by too, >> football game between boise state and virginia tech made tv history i have tonight. it was the first college game ever televised using the new
11:25 pm
3d technology. earlier today sports fans at ricky sports theater and grill in san leandro were amazed by the 3d telecast of the tennis open. one customer reached out and tried to grab a player. >> perspective it is so great. like you are right there you can reach out and touch somebody. >> saw it here. just the beginning of it. every year they come out every 6 months like a cell phone. upgrade it. >> might want to hold off agent while. >> give it some time. >>reporter: and he makes a good point. technical standard not been adopted universe avenue. one brand of 3d glasses may not work properly with the competing brand. >> cool looking glasses there. >> yes. football in 3d would be fun to watch. >> speaking of football. 49 ers and players may surprise you and did their part today but would it be enough to catch the padres in the national league west. find national league west. find out
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>> giants are keeping the pressure on the padres with a win today while the padres ended a 10 game slide tonight with a win over the dodgers. travel to arizona and this was a pitcher dual. in the 7 madison gets allen swinging. struck out 7 and 7 and 3rd inning. top 9. game still scoreless. runners on first and third. shallow right but the diving cam. we head to extra inning. in the 11th nate lights up the score board. clutch 2 out 2 run triple and giants win this one 2 nochlingt pad win and game back of the west and game and a half back in the wild card for the g men. >> coliseum at barbecue and baseball on labor day. a's and mariners. second pitch. see you. seventh of the year. first lead off homer of the soap for the a's. 2 hit. 2 rbi day for chris. 1 nothing a's. carson. the long ball parade. smoke to left center. second of the year. a's up 3
11:30 pm
nothing. that's all he neede needed. struck them out 4 hit 1 run ball now 7 back of texas. watch out for the a's. 49 ers made surprise cut today releasing third quarterback davis. he has a form of dyslexia and struggled learning the offense. work ethic was questioned by the head coach. he has the skill but have to be utilized elsewhere. replaced him with troy smith waived by baltimore. biggest question mark for the niners against seattle offensive line where 2 starting rookie davis at rice rate tackle and left guard. the coach was asked today if the 2 are ready. >> better be. about but i think they have done a great job. i think they have continued to work their tails off and i'm really excited that we have both of them but now is not the time to ask if they are ready. it's on now.
11:31 pm
>>reporter: it's on. monday night college football third rank boise state and virginia tech. mr. to tommy beautiful 1 handed grab. stays in bound. boise state up 17 nothing. third quarter fourth and 5. blitz on. taylor finds him and break the tackle he's gone. virginia tech takes a 1 point lead. to the fourth. minute to go. broncos down 4. also play action moore hits austin. 13 yards. moore third touch down pass of the nature. boise state keeps the national title hope alive. not part of the family with dramatic 33-30 victory. u.s. open unthe light. a-rod in attendance to see federer match with lefty. match point. great rally before he rips the 41st winner of the night. straight set win for the 5 time open champion. reaching in. 26 straight where he will face sodderling. top seed cairo
11:32 pm
license defeat maria to advance to quarter final as we look for the u.s. open champion. >> lots of fun. thank you. >> that's what is happening. "nightline"is up next. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> morning news begins at 4:30. tune in for that if can and stay connected at 7 thanks for your thanks for your time. we appreciate
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